Meet Paige


It all started when…

Paige began experiencing feelings of exhaustion and depletion at the young age of 19 that did not sit right with her. This marked the beginning of her self-healing journey. She turned to diet and lifestyle choices to bring more energy and vitality to her life. At the time, she considered a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet as the gold standard. Discovering more nutrient-dense whole foods, as well as exercise and stress management techniques, allowed her to gain optimal health. This empowering transition led her to pursue a degree in the nutrition field to help others reach their health goals.

Paige obtained a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin, majoring in Health Promotion and Wellness in 2011. She studied and practiced behavior change facilitation, lifestyle coaching, fitness programming, nutritional therapies, and community health reformations. Immediately upon graduating, she left her Midwest roots and headed out west to California. She started her career working for the AmeriCorps and other nonprofit health organizations. She taught nutrition, cooking, and gardening to school-aged children and adults. The focus of these classes was always on seasonal, organic, farm-fresh foods.

In 2016, Paige decided to pick up where she left off in her formal nutrition education. She studied holistic nutrition at Bauman College in Berkeley. There, she became a certified Nutrition Consultant. As a nutritionist, she teaches workshops and sees clients at Farmacopia that focus on weight management, balancing blood sugars, and healing the gut. She also works with customers on the floor answering a wide array of health questions and customizing nutritional supplement and herb recommendations for them. 

After countless interactions with customers and clients, she began to see a common theme - sugar addiction. Since sugar is hidden in so many processed and refined foods, many people don't realize its effect on them. After having done the 21-Day Sugar Detox herself, Paige realized what an amazing tool this could be for clients wishing to feel better, lose weight, and gain insight into which foods work best for them. She obtained her health coach certificate from the 21-Day Sugar Detox in April of 2018.