The sugar blues

A lot of people don't realize how much what they're eating affects their mood, energy levels, cognitive function, sleep, hormonal imbalances, skin and digestive health. This detox program is designed to eliminate foods that cause sugar cravings, balance your blood sugar, and choose more healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Discover how ditching sugar can empower you to be your best self! 

Get ready to DEtox!

In this program, there's a seven day prep week where you clean your pantry, stock up on approved foods, plan out your first week on the detox, and ask questions. There are no pills, powders, or shakes required, just real food. This detox is great for anyone looking to reboot their diet and eating patterns. Scroll down to read the frequently asked questions on the bottom of this page.  

Discover your inner strength with a health coach

While the 21-Day Sugar Detox can be done without a health coach, a lot of people find that having the accountability, knowledge, and resources from a certified health coach is paramount. A coach tailors the program to suit your specific needs and questions. It's also more FUN to share in the experience with others! Paige offers both individual and group programs for the 21-Day Sugar Detox, as well as online and in-person. Bonus additions include grocery store outings, pantry purges, cooking demos, fitness plans, access to the private Facebook group, DIY skin care and household cleaners. Come join us!



Frequently asked Questions

  1. What if I'm already a healthy eater? Even if you’re a hardcore Paleo enthusiast, a detox from sugar (even some naturally-occurring ones) is sure to improve your vitality.

  2. What can I expect to eat? The 21-Day Sugar Detox eliminates sweeteners, alcohol, gluten, soy, corn, and processed foods. If you choose Level 3 of the program, dairy is also excluded. You will be eating real, whole foods, including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, and a limited amount of fruit. It's a very allergen-friendly diet.

  3. Is the detox vegetarian-friendly? The 21-Day Sugar Detox is not a good fit for vegans or vegetarians. For a specific cleanse/detox tailored towards a plant-based diet, view my other services offered. There are dietary modifications available for pescatarians.

  4. What if I'm pregnant or nursing? This program is safe for pregnant and nursing moms. There are specific modifications set in place for this population group.

  5. Is this diet fit for a competitive athlete? Yes! There are dietary modifications for athletes of all types.

  6. Do I need to purchase specific foods and supplements to participate? Absolutely not! If you follow the recipes provided, you may discover new foods that you wish to incorporate into your diet.

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“I am glad I chose to take this 21 Day Detox program. I felt satisfied, and my sugar cravings were pretty much gone and I didn’t miss bread either. My mood/emotions were markedly improved as well. I noticed a more happy self without sugar.”
- Marcella F. Santa Rosa, CA